EyeCGas Cameras

EyeCGas™ Camera

Guardian Compliance is an exclusive technical and commercial partner for OPGAL, allowing Guardian Compliance to provide EyeCGas™ IR Camera sales and technical support to environmental compliance industry professionals in the United States, Canada and the US Virgin Islands. The EyeCGas™ camera is the first IR camera fugitive emissions detection camera specifically designed for use in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industry, and the only IR camera that is certified for use in hazardous environments (Class 1, Div. 2 Hazardous Locations/ATEX II).

In addition to regulatory compliance applications, IR imaging tools are becoming widely used by facility operations, HSE, and maintenance managers. They have found that IR imaging tools are valuable for supporting safety objectives, identifying sources of product loss, and for maintaining overall infrastructure and operational integrity.

The EyeCGas™ IR Camera offers a host of advantages over existing IR leak detection camera technology. Certified for use in a range of hazardous environments, Opgal cameras broaden opportunities for use in some hazardous facility units without requiring a hot permit. Now available with a 75mm lens, the latest EyeCGas™ Camera enables remote inspection of potentially leaking areas from great distances, even hundreds of meters away. Improved sensitivity means EyeCGas™ Cameras detect smaller VOC leaks than other IR platforms. Finally, they are designed to be ergonomically superior, easy to learn, intuitive to use, and enable operators to automatically generate audio and video surveys.

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