El Paso Method & BWON

Increasing EPA scrutiny of cooling towers is driving demand for more frequent performance of Modified El Paso Method and monitoring. Guardian Compliance delivers turnkey monitoring programs including preliminary baseline testing, weekly, monthly, quarterly and on-demand testing. When specified, we will also monitor heat exchanger cooling water return lines and drains. The El Paso Method protocols, specified testing apparatus, FID analyzer, and documentation are expensive and demanding. So Guardian offers flexibility to clients, giving them the option to rent the required equipment on a weekly basis or use their own apparatus, in which case Guardian will charge for testing time only. Guardian Compliance personnel and processes make it easy for clients to develop a program tailored for their facility to document on-going compliance with Cooling Tower & Water Testing (MACT). Contact us today to have a regulation expert assess your facilities' needs.


For many in the industry, the Benzene Waste Operations NESHAP (National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants) regulation is complex and confusing. However, with years of experience through its legacy companies, Guardian Compliance confidently guides clients through 40 CFR 61 FF compliance. Our knowledge of environmental regulations, their requirements, and the areas where flexibility is allowed, make Guardian Compliance a trusted partner in the design and implementation of cost-effective BWON protocols. From drain inspections, water sampling, carbon canister monitoring, and BWON component tagging, we suggest you talk to Guardian Compliance about BWON testing and documentation. You'll find we have the insight and equipment to draft and implement the right solution regardless of your facilities' current situation.